Marbula One Season 2: GP10 Misty Mountain Qualifiers

After a slight delay due to production issues, we have the GP10 qualifiers for this season of Marbula One! Misty Mountain lives up to its name as a slight haze (heh) is settled over the track. A couple long straightaways with a split and a speed boost also in there. Crank up the Zeppelin and let’s see what we have here in this week’s race!

Lemon Lime and Hop are the first two marbles to set our pace with Lemon Lime taking the early pole position at 21.41. Sea and Drizzly come out next, Sea stumbles badly, I couldn’t catch where exactly but they finish more than a full second behind the other early runners while Drizzly takes the second place spot for now. Razzy and Prim are the next two out. Neither one seems to have a lot of momentum and they settle for bracketing Sea at the bottom of the standings. Snowy and Yellow are your next two racers. Yellow is technically the second one off the line but they actually GAIN on Snowy through the run. Snowy finishes with a good enough time to have a brief hold on fourth place but Yellow uses their quickness here to bump Lemon-Lime out of pole position by over a half-second and setting a new time to beat at 20.80. Bumble and Cerulean round out the first half of Q1 and they must have been taking notes. Cerulean finishes just behind Yellow in time while Bumble sets another new pole time at 20.37.

Will this wake-up and burst of energy carry over to the marbles in the second half of Q1? Starry and Clementin are the next two out and Clementin immediately almost passes Starry in the first sector. Was Starry caught looking ahead to race day and trying to keep Clementin from passing them? Maybe. Both do finish in the top 8 though. 22.20 is now the time to beat to avoid being eliminated in Q1. Clutter and Wispy are your next two racers. Clutter will bump Yellow from second to third with their time while Wispy takes fourth by just a couple hundredths of a second. The hometown Hazey is out along with Rapidly. Has the hometown curse struck again? Hazey finishes below Snowy putting them in danger of not qualifying. Mimo and Mallard are next and Mimo is fantastic, coming incredibly close to dethroning Bumble and seizing pole.. Mallard is also now top 8. Yellow Eye and Shock are your final two racers and neither can put themselves in a good spot to move onto Q2. Shock will actually end up running the worst time in Q1 and Hazy is saved from an embarrassing hometown DNQ. Razzy, Sea and Prim join Shock in not moving on from Q1.

Your Q2 racers are Rapidly, Cerulean, Wispy, Mallard, Yellow, Clutter, Mimo and Bumble. Bumble runs out to a big lead leaving the rest to scramble and play catch up. At the end of the first one they remain in pole position with Clutter, Wispy and Cerulean in spots 2-4. Cerulean is barely holding off Mimo and Yellow as lap 2 begins but they start to pull away and hold on and those are your Q3 racers. Bumble, Clutter, Wispy and Cerulean. Tough break for Mimo after the strong Q1 showing but they fall out of the top 4 by nearly a full half second.

And right into Q3 we go. Bumble maintains their hold on pole through sector one but a bad turn lets Clutter seize the lead. Bumble is hot on their tail through the second lap trying to get it back but Clutter stubbornly holds on and finishes with their second pole position of the season here. Bumble is in second, followed by Cerulean and Wispy (there’s a graphics error in the video that shows Wispy in 3rd and Cerulean 4th initially but Wispy was indeed the 4th place finisher I can confirm). Tomorrow is the Misty Mountain Grand Prix! Looking forward to what these marbles do in the mist when they’re all on the track at once.