Food Subscriptions, Sunday Food Thread 3/21

My wife and I were talking about a local farmer’s CSA program this morning. I’m intrigued by the idea, especially supporting local growers. But she’s done it before and has memories of too much kale (this was before she had any decent recipes for kale) so we’re not going to sign on. We will still hit up the farmers’ markets of course so buying locally is happening. The funny thing is she really likes going through what we have in our pantry and coming up with a dish based on what we have available. Of course that’s all things we’ve already chosen to bring into the house so there’s no “What the heck is this and what am I supposed to do with it?” factor. We’ve also never done a meal kit service.

Have you in the past or do you currently subscribe to a CSA or meal kit? Pros? Cons?