Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (3/16)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on The Avocado to make recommendations, get recommendations, and just talk about film in general.

Also, you can talk Oscars! I would’ve made that the prompt, but there’s a lot of Academy Award chatter on this site already. Like… there were two threads posted yesterday. If you want to talk about the nominees, I won’t stop you.

So let’s dig into that old bucket of prompt suggestions. “Favorite spy film”? I might be waiting for James Bond to finally arrive at theaters/streaming. “Favorite film of 1981? Look… we all know it’s going to be Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not counting you On Golden Pond stans, of course.

OK, so here’s today’s bonus prompt. Zack Snyder Justice League is coming upon us, and judging from a lot of the comments, there’s going to be quite a bit of hate-watching.

Today’s prompt: what movies do you watch as a guilty pleasure/ love to hate-watch?

I can’t help it. I am enamored by Michael Bay films. I can’t say that they are complete entertaining, per se, but they are fascinating… especially from the point of view of shot composition. While it doesn’t flow properly, each individual scene has the composition of a graphic novel.

Low angle hero shots, eye-catching color palettes… if it weren’t so busy it would be breathtaking. But then it wouldn’t be a Michael Bay movie if it was comprehensible right?

I almost feel like an anthropologist watching them, and not just necessarily of Bay. His movies are typically massive money makers, so the themes, the content, the humor… they are also an indictment of society.

Zack Snyder kinda falls in the same category… but between having to watch an embarassing fanservice-y film like Suckerpunch (which I turned off 30 minutes in and never looked back) and a crazy mess like Transformers: The Last Knight, I know which one I’d rather spend my precious hours with.

Next week: the Coens