Werewolf 147 — Interstellar Pig: Signups

Barney regretted not persuading his folks against this trip to the coast. The only thing worse than being a 16-year-old boy was being a 16-year-old boy on vacation with his parents.

“Not a lot happens around here,” Ted Martin, the caretaker, said, sipping from a bottle of Corner Point beer sweating in the summer sun. “’Course, you’d have heard about ol’ Captain Latham already. . . .”

Barney’s mom swirled her iced tea listlessly. “Captain Latham?”

“Oh well, it’s just he killed his brother and all. His brother was a lunatic though, raving about monsters. Died right there in the east bedroom he did.”

Barney left off peering out of the living room window. The east bedroom was where he was sleeping. “Monsters?”

Mr. Martin turned coy. “Oh don’t you worry none. Say, who wants another?”

Barney returned his gaze to the cottage across the way where three people not too much older than he was were unpacking the trunk of a Volkswagen convertible. Maybe this vacation wouldn’t be so boring after all. . . .


1. hoho
2. sic humor
3. Flubba
4. Jude
5. Nate
6. Goat
7. malthusc
8. Hayes
9. Mac
10. Side Character
11. Sheleeta
12. anewholiday
13. raven
14. Shinichiki
15. Narrowstrife
16. emmelemm
17. Ralph
18. Grumproro
19. Louie
20. Lindsay
21. Lamb Dance




15 Humans (Town)
— 12 Vanilla Town
— 1 Adrianna Latham (Cop)
— 2 Barney’s Parents (Lovers / Vig)

3 Lichen (Wolves)
— 2 Vanilla Wolves
— 1 Wolf Blocker

3 Single Aliens (SKs)
— 1 Zulma
— 1 Jrlb
— 1 Moyna

Piggy (NPC)


Barney’s Parents share a QT until one of them dies, at which point the survivor becomes a two-shot Town Vigilante.

When the Wolf Blocker dies, another Wolf will inherit the role.

Each player must choose in their QT an environment (trees, water, or air) to spend the Night in before Twilight. No player can stay in the same environment two Nights in a row. (Any player who doesn’t specify an environment will be placed by RNG.)

Zulma can kill in the trees and can’t be killed in the trees.

Jrlb can kill in the water and can’t be killed in the water.

Moyna can kill in the air and can’t be killed in the air.

Each Night’s location (trees, water, or air) is determined by RNG and announced at Twilight.

The Piggy answers one private yes/no question during the day in QT to its holder (initial holder determined by RNG). The holder of the Piggy must give it away to someone else before Twilight or die if it’s not the last day/night. If the person to whom they give it dies that night, they also die, and the new Piggy holder will be determined by RNG. Whoever holds the Piggy on the last day/night of the game will share the win.

VT QT Message

You are Vanilla Town. The fate of Earth is in your hands. Too bad you only have an Interstellar Relative Sapience Code (IRSC) of 93.7! Good luck!