Sports Corner Gets the Franchise Tag

As ever, even though there is so much sports action, the NFL manages to steal the spotlight. Yesterday, teams had to decide who gets the “franchise tag” applied to them, a procedure that seems to be meant to make sure that teams don’t lose top talent to free agency. I think. It usually feels like something players want to avoid, though it also can serve as the jumping off point for players to get paid. We saw that on Monday, when Dak Prescott and the Dallas Jerrahs finally got past the franchise cap drama and Dak got the contract he wanted. Some of the franchise tagees will sign similar deals, while others are counting down the days till they can be free agents. And all of this is just part one of the usual NFL off-season epic of trades, signings, and draft picks. All of which will get more coverage than:

  • The second half of the NBA season
  • The home stretch of the NHL season
  • March Madness
  • Spring training and the start of baseball season

But it’s the NFL’s world and we just live in it. And just wait till the NFL and its TV partners sign their new deal,

As always, all sports topics welcome.