The 3/8 Day Thread Misses Milwaukee County Stadium

Hi ho there, Avocados. With Spring Training getting into gear, I’ve just been thinking about the old County Stadium, which was constructed in 1953 and which from 1970 to 2000 was the home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

I trust you can smell the brats cooking?

I am not what you’d call a sports guy, exactly,1 but there is something about the atmosphere and romance of baseball that I enjoy, and a large part of that was instilled by being taken to many Brewers games in County Stadium as a lad.

That BEAUTIFULLY low-tech yellow-on-black scoreboard.

As a kid, I used to feel a sort of mild embarrassment that our team was called “the Brewers”2 and that instead of having a classy name like a lot of ballparks, the stadium was just called “County Stadium.” But now I really feel a sort of scrappy underdog pride about how unpretentious Milwaukee was sort of forced to be, unglamorously slugging away in the Major Leagues amongst the more cosmopolitan cities and teams.

The Brewers’ mascot is the mustachioed Bernie Brewer–kind of a Germanic variant on Mario–who, when a home run is hit, exits his chalet and slides down into an enormous mug of beer. No, YOUR state has a drinking problem!!!

In 2001, County Stadium was retired in favor of the new Miller Park,3 and by all metrics it is a step up and was a necessary modernization. But I do miss the ramshackle, old-fashioned, no-frills County Stadium, and I figured I would share my pointless nostalgia with you this morning. Enjoy your Day Thread!

Not pictured: Secret Stadium Sauce.