Bob’s Burgers S11E13: “An Incon-Wheelie-ent Truth”

Episode Grade: A

You’d think they’d have learned by now. You’d think it would have dawned on Bob and Linda that they are in no way a match for Louise, especially not when she has the sincere support of her siblings. The only time I can think of that they’ve managed to best her, it was when her own body finally betrayed her back in “The Kids Run Away”. Other than that, as Mr. Frond has had to learn over and over again, there is just no beating her. She’s too clever, too resourceful, and too relentless. She can’t outmuscle many people, but she doesn’t need to. She’ll either outsmart them, or wear them down. Well, except for Henry Haber, but that kid’s a diabolical genius.

With that all in mind, it was great fun tonight watching Bob and Linda’s increasingly desperate attempts to stave off their youngest child’s wrath (yes, technically they were trying to avoid upsetting all their kids, but come on. We know who they were really afraid of). Really, against any other foe, they would be worthy competitors. Linda is probably the only other character on the show who can match Louise for single-minded determination, and Bob possesses the necessary willingness to put himself through endless small losses and humiliations if it means keeping the game going a little longer. It’s why they’re a good match.

Ah, but you have to essentially play a perfect game if you’re going to beat the champ. They came close, closer than I had expected, really. But they made a critical error, the type you can’t afford to make in these situations: they called Gayle. You can’t have a wild card on the court like that and then be surprised when they screw everything up at the buzzer. That Louise was convinced even for a second was something of a miracle (and frankly a bit unbelievable, but we’ll allow it), but then, in a bit of a reversal of the aforementioned “The Kids Run Away”, Gayle steps on the court and turns the ball right over. You hate to see it. Still, just because the champ defends their title doesn’t mean the game wasn’t great.

Although, when looking back over the tape/looking back on the day, Bob is going to realize he should’ve just called Teddy. Seriously, why do you have a best friend with a pick-up if not for this exact situation?

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now Donations:

  • Storefront: Gong in 60 Seconds: Gongs and Bells, No Waiting. Exterminator: Boogie Mites
  • Lots of fun with the posters and signs tonight, but I think my favorite was the “Bad Tina” callback Houston, We Have a Dog Prom.
  • Oh look, Louise! Switchblades! Stabby-stabby!” Look, Linda, I get that you were in a bind here, but maybe don’t point Louise at weaponry while you’re trying hide something that will upset her.
  • Lots of big laughs tonight, but I especially want to call attention to Bob’s panicked singing of “Let’s Talk About Sex”, followed by Gene and Tina joining in, because what are they going to to? Not sing?
  • It’s going to be hard to forget this, but you do it.” Look, I’m never going to like Gayle as a character, but credit where it’s due: Megan Mullally’s reading of this line was perfect.
  • “I guess, as a dad, I should’ve known it’s wrong to steal toys from children.”

And In the End, the Farts You Take, Are Equal To the Farts You Make…

Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I report that this will be my last Bob’s Burgers review. This has been building for a month or so, but the demands of work and school have risen to the point that something has to give. You may have noticed I wasn’t able to get a review up last Sunday or make it up during the week, and it appears as that will be the case as often as not going forward. Frankly, the extra demand on my time was becoming stressful, and when weighed against everything else going on in my life it was becoming hard to justify. Even beyond that, it’s probably past time I stepped back. The show’s become tougher to write about as time’s gone on, and I find myself repeating ideas I’ve talked about before (you may have noticed). It’ll be something of a relief to just watch as a fan again, without worrying about finding an angle on it.

Not that they need it, but it goes without saying that anyone who feels motivated to pick up the reviewer’s torch has my blessing and best wishes to do so. This site could probably use a fresh perspective on Bob’s Burgers, and I would certainly be interested in reading someone else’s takes. Failing that, I’ll probably throw something together when the movie comes out, though I wouldn’t want to step on anyone else’s toes if they’ve taken on the job.

In any case, thanks to everyone who’s been reading and commenting these past few seasons. I’ll see you in the funny papers (or at least the CSC)!