Werewolf 146: Hades – Signups

In the deepest pits of the underworld, a willful prince paces back and forth in his chambers. Dare he pluck a weapon from his shelf and set off again?

I can hear you, old man.

Will the rude, ungrateful prince escape his netherworldly prison, or will the stink of failure follow him to the depths of Tartarus and back?

You know what? I’m going out.

The flame-resistant but not entirely flame-proof Zagreus sets off on a journey of monsters, labyrinths, and trials beyond mortal understanding…

Welcome to Werewolves 146: Hades! This game, which can accommodate 20-24 players, will have standard Werewolf roles (a cop, a jailer, a pair of lovers, an SK). In addition to the usual vote thread, each day will allow you to vote on which of two chambers you will advance to in the next day. Different chambers present different challenges and may offer different rewards. Defeat the furies who would keep you here and make a break for the world on top!

*If we reach 24 players, the remaining slots will be filled with three more Tortured Souls and one Vanilla Wolf.


  1. moonstermash
  2. Goat
  3. Sister Jude
  4. Wasp
  5. hohodor
  6. Nate
  7. Grumproro
  8. Ralph
  9. Louie
  10. Flubba
  11. Indy
  12. malthusc
  13. Lamb Dance
  14. Hayes
  15. Bones
  16. Sheleeta
  17. April
  18. Jake
  19. Gramps
  20. Owen






11 Tortured Souls – Vanilla Town

Athena – Investigator. Scans one player per night and gets result of “Wolf” or “Not Wolf”.

Sisyphus – Jailer. Chooses one player to aide them in rolling the boulder at night. That player can neither be killed nor use their night action.

Achilles and Patroclus – Lovers. Share a private QT. If one dies, so does the other.

The Fury Sisters (plus Hypnos!) – Wolves

Megaera – She has a job to do, and by Zeus she’ll do it. But is she really that bad deep down? Signs point to no. She will scan as “Not Wolf” if investigated by the cop.

Tisiphone – Not the most talkative type, but she gets the job done. Carries out the wolf kill, meaning none will happen if she is jailed or blocked.

Alecto – Nothing special, but don’t tell her that. A Vanilla wolf.

Hypnos – Can put a player to sleep each night, cancelling out their night action.

Death Incarnate, Thanatos – Serial Killer

Kills one player per night. Wins when it comes down to them or one other player.


Ties are handled by RNG between tied players.

Town wins when all scum are eliminated. Wolves win when the SK is dead and wolves equal the remaining number of Townies. SK wins when it comes down to them and one other person.

Please try to make at least three posts per day. Failure to do so may result in players being replaced or mod-killed.

Quoting directly from a QT is forbidden. Please ask the mod any questions you may have concerning this.

RP is encouraged but optional.

Be respectful, and attack arguments, not people.

The mod is making this up as he goes along. Be kind.

Vanilla Town Message

Welcome to Hades! Whatever sins you may have committed in the life before (pride, gluttony, tax evasion), you’re here now, plotting your escape. You have no power other than your vote, but keep an eye out for any rewards you may earn as you traverse the chambers.