Connery: Round of 32

Sir Connery got a boisterous and animated discussion on his films in the Nomination thread, but the Number one is such a runaway this might be pointless. With 53 votes, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade crushed all else, with the number 2 movie, The Hunt for Red October by 20 votes.

But will it triumph over all? (SPOILER: Probably so. This tournament will be more interesting to see which ones end up in the Final Four.)

All of his James Bond films got voted into the tournament. Only 4 didn’t get to play, to keep it at tournament friendly 32. Those were: The Longest Day, Rising Sun, Sir Billi and The Molly Maguires, all receiving just 2 votes. You gotta plug for your favorites.

So let’s start the Blow Out section of the game. Can anything upset the favorites? We will soon find out.