The March 3rd Boxers & Saints Night Thread

Boxers & Saints is a 2013 two-volume graphic novel written by Gene Luen Yang. It tells the story of the Boxer Rebellion of China in 1900 through the view points of Little Bao and Vibania. Little Bao is a boy from a peasant village who joins the anti-Western Boxer movement, and is guided by the spirit of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.

Little Bao possessed by the spirit of Qin Shi Huang

Vibania, meanwhile, is an unlucky peasant girl who sees visions of Joan of Arc and eventually becomes a Christian.

Vibania and the foreign missionary, Father Bey

Boxers & Saints is a story that is alternately tragic and funny, and covers a historical topic not well known to most Westerners. I’d highly recommend it.