The Sound Of Your Roar – Wednesday Politics Thread

I love the ferocity of Women. I love the trailblazers who refuse to conform. The tenacity of warriors who never surrender. The temerity of pioneers who smash glass ceilings and extend their hand to lift up all women instead of pandering to a white supremacy manipulating you into tearing others down.

From your first breath you are told how to walk, how to talk, how to smile, how to dress, how to eat, how to drink, how to bow your head, tone down your voice, be meek. And if you refuse and dare to pave your own way, dance to your own beat, speak your own mind, honk your blunt laugh, then you deserve punishment from a world conditioned to despise you, break you, and attempt to make you bend the knee.

But you refuse to hide in shame, remain broken, and erased. You rebuild yourself from the ashes of your losses, and rise up stronger, more willful than ever. You refuse to center male grievances and instead forge stronger weapons from the pieces of your broken heart, and move onward unbent, smashing through more glass ceilings.

You follow your heart, you make them acknowledge the sound of your unique voice, you wage the battles that forge your glory in future stone.

You survive and thrive. You seek to break the patterns of your abuse, refusing to allow that punishing fist to further silence you and hide in shame.

You carry the weight of nations on your frail shoulders. You stand up to tyrants, outplay their authoritarian intentional cruelty, and defeat their insurrection to snuff your flame. And brighter you shine.

Undefeated warrior. You refuse to let them erase your brilliance, the road you paved, the rules you so deeply challenged by the very audacity of your triumphs. And you forge on, lifting up future generations of Women who will stand on your shoulders and live up to the promise of never giving up or surrendering their Rights.

Oh how much I love hearing all the multitudes of shades and sounds of your unique roar!