The Avocado JAMS! Hit the Record Button

So this week I thought we’d talk about one of my favorite subjects…recording! I love everything about the process, whether at home or in a real, honest-to-goodness studio (something I’ve only done a couple of times).

I took a class on recording back in junior college, and the band I was in at the time got to record a couple of songs in the college studio. They had a sixteen-track mixer, and I think we only used about half of those tracks, mostly on my banged up drum set. We had no idea of what we were doing, but it was tremendously exciting and made us feel like rock stars for a day.

My bandmate Dan bought a Ross 4×4 Portastudio not long after, and that became our recording workhorse for quite some time. But eventually we parted ways and I didn’t really do any recording until computer recording became a fairly cheap proposition. Over the years I’ve gone through a number of soundcards, mixers, interfaces and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation…the software that you use to record for anyone unfamiliar with the term) It seems like every time I wanted to upgrade my operating system or DAW, I’d have to upgrade my hardware, and every time I upgraded my hardware I’d have to upgrade my operating system or DAW. (I guess this is the one part of the recording process that I don’t actually love at all.)

So at this point I’ve landed on a Macbook running Logic, and I just use a 1/4″ to USB cord for recording guitar and bass. I track keyboards and drums in MIDI so I can use virtual instruments, and I have a Samson USB microphone for those rare occasions that I try to sing. I also have a Focusrite Scarlett interface just in case I want to record something in stereo or if I want to use a different microphone, but I really like the ease of just plugging everything straight in to my laptop.

Okay, that’s more than enough about me! I’m curious to hear from the rest of you…what do you use to record at home? Or do you have some experience recording in a fancy studio that you’d like to share? Or are you just getting started and looking for some help in figuring all this out? Let us know!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels