The Avocado Predicts the 2021 Golden Globes- Winners!

What a night. I’m not going to bother doing the same Golden Globes jokes you’ve heard for a few weeks now, because the year’s dumbest awards ceremony is over, and it was fine! The presentation was not always great, but things moved quickly enough (for something that apparently must be three hours), and Barb and Star were there. We can always count on Barb and Star in times of trouble.

Without further ado, I will announce the winners of the 2021 Golden Globes Pool!

In first place, with 17 out of 25 correct predictions, is Binary Wolf!

In second place, with 16 correct predictions, is Snob-Ra!

In third place, with 14 correct predictions, is Roswulf!

With 13 correct predictions each, honorable mentions go to Just Ask This Scientician, The Kappa, River Song, John Ham, and Lamb Dance!

Fun Stats

Most Correctly Predicted
Soul (Best Animated Feature)- 75.9% predicted
Chadwick Boseman (Best Actor- Drama)- 72.4% predicted
Schitt’s Creek (Best TV- Comedy)- 72.4% predicted
Soul (Best Original Score)- 69% predicted
The Crown (Best TV- Drama)- 69% predicted

Most Incorrectly Predicted
Maria Bakalova (Best Actress- Comedy)- 51.7% predicted
Frances McDormand (Best Actress- Drama)- 41.4% predicted
Carey Mulligan (Best Actress- Drama)- 41.4% predicted

Least Correctly Predicted
Andra Day (Best Actress- Drama)- 3.4% predicted
Jodie Foster (Best Supporting Actress)- 10.3%
Rosamund Pike (Best Actress- Comedy)- 10.3% predicted
“Seen” (The Life Ahead) (Best Original Song)- 13.8% predicted
Mark Ruffalo (Best Actor- Miniseries)- 17.2% predicted


Some of you filled out the second part of the form as well, where you picked which films and TV you actually wanted to see receive the awards.

The Avocado Picks The Golden Globes

  • Best Picture- Drama: Nomadland (57.9%), Promising Young Woman (21.1%)
  • Best Picture- Musical/Comedy: Palm Springs (69.6%), Hamilton (17.4%)
  • Best Actor- Drama: Riz Ahmed and Chadwick Boseman (47.6% each)
  • Best Actress- Drama: Frances McDormand and Carey Mulligan (33.3% each)
  • Best Actor- Musical/Comedy: Andy Samberg (57.1%), Sacha Baron Cohen (33.3%)
  • Best Actress- Musical/Comedy: Maria Bakalova (55.6%), Anya Taylor-Joy (22.2%)
  • Best Supporting Actor- Film: Daniel Kaluuya (70.6%), Leslie Odom Jr. (17.6%)
  • Best Supporting Actress- Film: Amanda Seyfried (50%), Olivia Colman (43.8%)
  • Best Director- Chloé Zhao (50%), Regina King (27.8%)
  • Best Screenplay- Emerald Fennell and Chloé Zhao (44.4% each)
  • Best Original Score- Reznor/Ross/Batiste (Soul) (72.2%), Göransson (Tenet) (16.7%)
  • Best Original Song- “Fight For You” (Judas) (43.8%), “Speak Now” (One Night) (31.3%)
  • Best Animated Feature- Soul (52.9%), Wolfwalkers (35.3%)
  • Best Foreign Language Film- Minari (53.3%), Another Round (33.3%)
  • Best TV Drama- The Mandalorian (60%), Ozark/Crown/Lovecraft Country (13.3% each)
  • Best TV Comedy- The Great (33.3%), Schitt’s Creek/Ted Lasso/Flight Attendant (22.2% each)
  • Best Miniseries- Small Axe (56.3%), The Queen’s Gambit (37.5%)
  • Best Actor- Drama: Bob Odenkirk (81.3%), Bateman/O’Connor/Rhys (6.3%)
  • Best Actress- Drama: Emma Corrin (40%), Comer/Colman (20% each)
  • Best Actor- Comedy: Jason Sudeikis (36.8%), Hoult/Levy (31.6% each)
  • Best Actress- Comedy: Elle Fanning (36.8%), Catherine O’Hara (31.6%)
  • Best Actor- Miniseries: Ethan Hawke (85.7%), Cranston/Ruffalo (7.1% each)
  • Best Actress- Miniseries: Anya Taylor-Joy (68.8%), Cate Blanchett (18.8%)
  • Best Supporting Actor- TV: John Boyega and Dan Levy (47.1% each)
  • Best Supporting Actress- TV: Annie Murphy (61.1%), Gillian Anderson (22.1%)


Thank you all for playing! Winners can collect their upvotes at the door.

(If anyone could tell me how to remove the underscores, I would appreciate it.)