Marbula One Season 2 GP8: Momotorway Qualifiers

And we have the qualifiers for the 8th race of this season of Marbula One! Team Momo is our host. Its a nice course with an S-curve, some splits and a speed boost just before sector 3. Who will qualify for GP8? Let’s find out.

Our first two racers are Hop of the Jungle Jumpers and Minty Drizzle to set the initial times. Hop places slightly ahead of Minty Drizzle to set pace for the remaining racers. Lemon-Lime and Sea are the next two marbles on the course. Lemon-Lime takes possession of pole position after this run, finishing 4/10ths of a second ahead of Hop. Yellow and Clutter are out next and both of them are strong out of the gate. Clutter beats Lemon-Lime’s time by 0.04 seconds to seize pole, with Yellow settling into 3rd. Prim and Wispy come out next, neither is able to place highly. Prim actually has the worse run of any marbles thus far, finishing nearly 3/4ths of a second behind Minty Drizzle. Ruzzy and Snowy round out the first half of Q1. Ruzzy also flops, finishing only ahead of Prim while Snowy takes 4th place for the moment.

The second half of Q1 begins with Clementin and Cerulean. Clementin moves up into 7th place while Cerulean is 9th (and beginning our watch to see who the 4 DNQ’s will be). Hazy and Rapidly are out next. Hazy takes 4th (bumping Snowy by 0.03 seconds) while Rapidly does just enough to qualify for the GP. Starry and Bumble are the next two marbles. Starry manages to qualify but Bumble is slow and places 14th for the time being. There’s a cheer from the home crowd as Mimo comes out to represent Team Momo. They’re going up against Mallard. Mallard qualifies but Mimo stumbles and finds themselves in danger of a DNQ with just 2 more marbles to go. Yellow Eye and Shock are the final two. Yellow Eye juuuuuust misses out on pole position finishing 0.02 seconds behind Clutter. Shock meanwhile fails to qualify, and in fact has the worst time of Q1 which allows Mimo to sneak into the back half of the qualifiers. Bumble, Prim, Ruzzy and Shock will all not be moving on.

Q2 sees the top 8 moving on. Clutter, Yellow Eye, Yellow, Snowy, Lemon-Lime, Mallard, Hop, and Hazy are your racers. Two laps to determine who advances into Q3. Clutter holds off Yellow Eye and Yellow at the start and they maintain that lead through the first lap while Snowy holds a respectable 4th. Yellow Eye will pull ahead in lap 2 though and slowly increase the lead throughout the course before making the big move just before sector 3 to put some good distance ahead in there. Yellow, Snowy and Clutter round out the top 4 with Clutter just barely holding off Lemon-Lime to move onto Q3.

Now the battle for pole in race 8. Yellow Eye holds first initially, but Yellow moves ahead at the speed boost. Its a small lead but they hold it through the end of the first lap. The marbles come through the S curves. Snowy and Clutter behind Yellow and Yellow Eye. Sector 3 is again where the leader puts some distance in there as Yellow stretches it out and will finish in first and gain pole for Mellow Yellow heading into the race! Yellow Eye, Snowy and Clutter will finish out the top 4.

There’s your recap for the qualifiers! Stay tuned for GP8 at the Momotorway