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Scott looks at the Razzie Ballot: Verotika was robbed!!!

It’s time for the Avocado least favorite tradition, the one where I look at the Razzie nominating ballot and opine how awful it is. However, things are a little different this year: this year’s ballot is so abysmal and slipshod, that I’m just truly defeated by how bad it is. Verotika, the very worst movie I saw from last year, is nowhere to be seen while Wonder Woman 1984, a movie not everyone was a fan of but it’s much better than most of the movies the Razzies ignored, got two nominations. I’m just going to present the ballot in screenshot form so people can discuss how bad it is in the comments (though I do have a few comments).

WORST PREQUEL, REMAKE, RIP-OFF, or SEQUEL (the ballot is formatted weird with this category and Worst Picture; every other category is just a list of all the nominees but these two have pictures and take multiple screenshots)

I haven’t seen The Wrong Missy (though I have seen the Half in the Bag review) but I have seen The Hottie & the Nottie and, from what I’ve seen from the HitB review, these two movies are nothing alike. There’s other quibbles with this category (even by the weird standards of Razzie rules, Capone isn’t a remake, goddammit; Wonder Woman got nominated over The Grudge and Brahms: The Boy II) but this is the big one for me.

I knew they’d nominate Giuliani and I’m so annoyed with this. I can kind of get the Worst Screen Combo nomination (they technically were a couple) but this is just empty political grandstanding. And you just know that the asshole who runs this show thinks it’s striking a fierce blow against Giuliani when it’s just embarrassing.

I take issue with this category the most, specifically for Maddie Ziegler’s nomination. Music is, by all accounts, a napalm dumpster fire of a movie and one that I utterly refuse to see. I think less of everyone involved just for this film… except for Ziegler. For those unaware, Ziegler (who was a child when this movie was shot, it sat on the shelf for awhile) tried to leave production early on because she was afraid she would insult autistic people with her performance (she was right). Sia (who has known Ziegler for pretty much her whole life) basically gaslit her into staying on the film. It’s gross that they’re targeting Ziegler for this when she’s the most blameless in this.

Fuck off, Hardy was great in Capone. The movie itself was awful but Hardy was great in it.