Worst Vegetable Tournament: Semi-Finals – Foul Four

We’re nearing the end! Time to see what foulness has caught up with us this far:

Quarter-Finals Results
Match 1: Beets (48) vs. Eggplant (25)
Match 2: Ghost Pepper (43) vs. Zucchini (20)
Match 3: Lima Beans (47) vs. Iceberg Lettuce (40)
Match 4: Karela/Bitter Melon (40) vs. Spaghetti Squash (26)

Some sweet stats:

  • Veggie with lowest votes to proceed to next round: Karela/Bitter Melon (40) against Spaghetti Squash (26)
  • Veggie with most votes to be eliminated: Iceberg Lettuce (40), in a close match against Lima Beans (47)

Voting will close 25 February, 4:30 am EST