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Tuesday’s Politics Thread sees a busy week ahead.

What do we have on deck, my good Politicados? WHEW!!

We have a 9/11 commission being set up by Speaker Pelosi. Here are some details via The Punchbowl News on that:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has floated the following construct to Republicans for the commission: 

→ Democrats would get seven appointees — White House and congressional leaders would jointly decide on those appointments. Republicans would get four appointees, and GOP leaders on Capitol Hill would get to choose those.

→ President Joe Biden would appoint the chair and he or she would have unilateral subpoena power.

→ The panel would sunset at the end of 2021.

→ A set of “findings” about the Jan. 6 attack would help guide the commission’s inquiry. Former President Donald Trump would not be named in those findings,  although his role in the episode is the most sensitive issue for both sides.

Republicans are already signaling that they are opposed to this Pelosi framework. They want the commission to be modeled on the 9/11 panel, which is how Pelosi’s described this effort in the first place. The 9/11 commission was evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. So expect GOP leaders to make a counter-offer along these lines. 

Expect this framework to change. This is not final, and it is all subject to negotiation. This is Pelosi’s first offer.

So where could this end up? A 6-5 split seems possible. The subpoena issue needs to be resolved before this proposal is going anywhere. Republicans are not going to agree to any structure that would allow a Biden-appointed chair to issue a subpoena without GOP input.

THEN we have the tax returns going to Cy Vance at the NYAG office. Reuters story here: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1363872567031984133?s=20

BUT YESTERDAY we had Merrick Garland’s hearing. Sen. Cruz questioned Garland about former AG Eric Holder, skipping right past the most criminal AG in history, Bill Barr. We all knew the blatant hypocrisy was coming, but it’s still a smack in the face. It’s like when, despite my best efforts, my dog Hammy eats a cat turd he’s found on our walk. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. And grossed out.

Then we had this moment, in which Garland explains why he wants to become AG. https://twitter.com/mmpadellan/status/1363912504783568900?s=20

Be excellent to each other, no threatening Mayor McSquirrel! Don’t make us come down there. We mean it. We’re going to count to three and then you’ll have to go read Mike Huckabee’s Twitter feed until you’ve learned your lesson.