Comic Book Review – Heroineburgh Comics #2

Heroineburgh Comics #2

Writer – Manny Theiner

Artists – Benjamin Zeus Barnett and Wayne Brown

After posting my review of The Edge #1, Manny Theiner reached out to me on social media about doing a review of his comic, Heroineburgh. He was gracious enough to send me a copy of issue two in the mail and I was able to sit down and read it on Sunday afternoon.

A meteor from outer space explodes over the city of Pittsburgh, which imbues women with superpowers. Some use their powers for good, forming the Pittsburgh Heroine League, while others use their newfound talents to cause chaos in the Steel City.

There are two main stories in this issue with a few pages of minicomics towards the end. Savanna faces off against a new villainess named Panthyra and her secret identity with shock you! The other story finds Olivia Queen (the Quingpin) using her new partner Crainiac’s robots to rain down destruction on the city. The menacing machines must be stopped before innocent bystanders are harmed or much worse.

There are a lot of heroines to keep track of and I liked the roster page on the inside cover of this issue. It lets you know who is starring in the issue, along with their secret identities, their civilian occupations, and power set.

The city of Pittsburgh has a long history of being in comic books. It was infamously destroyed in the pages of Starbrand as a way to get back at Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter aka the Pittsburgh Kid. The City of Bridges was shown in the pages of the Walking Dead. I am including a link for other comics that featured Pittsburgh in them. Some local landmarks are featured in Heroineburgh – the USX Tower is the headquarters of Quexxon, owned by Olivia Queen and the Cathedral of Learning (located on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh) is the base of operations for the PHL. I am always proud to see Pittsburgh in the national spotlight. Now, the city can boast it own team of superheroes!

At first glance, I thought that this was an all ages book. However, its more geared towards teenagers and adults. I would like to see the Heroineburgh franchise expand and include a series aimed towards middle aged kids. I’ve spoken to parents that try to get their kids involved in the world of comic books and their main frustration is that there aren’t a lot of age appropriate comics on the shelves today.

One major struggle for superheroines today is maintaining a solo or team series. Supergirl, for example, keeps gets her own title, only to see it cancelled time and time again. Marvel had A-Force but it only lasted ten issues, even thought it was a critical success. Heroineburgh has a chance to learn from these miscues in order to thrive and grow and become successful. The series has a chance to fill a gaping hole on the comic book racks and I wish Manny and his compatriots the best of luck.

You can find Heroineburgh online here as well as a listing of comic book shops that sell the comic. You also have the option to order the issues online and have them delivered right to your door. Heroineburgh Comics #3 is slated for a Fall 2021 release. When a firm date is established, I will let everyone know in the Weekly Comics Thread.