X Music Artists Discussion #1

So back during my time on the RYM boards in 2015-16, I started a series on the forums to discuss (sometimes ostensibly, if there was a theme!) 10 randomly chosen artists (and as eclectic as possible, to keep it interesting!) each thread. Given that for over a year now this site is my common discussion place, I thought why the heck not, let’s bring it back here and see how it goes!

A current list of tentative guidelines to get this series going:

– Just post your thoughts, opinions! If it’s hard to do a two-paragraph summary of their aesthetic then you can probably just get away writing a strength, a weakness and favorite song/album/EP/whatever.

– No need to do it for all the artists, just the ones you’re familiar with, or that you feel comfortable discussing.

– You can also choose to focus on specific eras of selected artists (like how not many people want to talk about David Bowie post-1980)

– Feel free to discuss links between any artists, like say how Kanye West leads to greater appreciation of Taylor Swift.

– 10 musicians only. Because… X (sounds hella cool)

For now, I’ll be in charge of the articles and artists chosen, though going forward I may let other Avocados select future artists (without duplicates of course).

And now… for our inaugural first batch:
The Beatles
Joni Mitchell
Talking Heads
Al Green
The Police
Aphex Twin
Kanye West
Taylor Swift