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The Tuesday Politics thread has something stinky in the fridge

Seriously, it’s foul. We went out of town for the weekend to go stare at some different walls, and we just got home. I opened the fridge to put some stuff away and think we’ve found either a portal into hell or the coleslaw went bad.

Anyway….things are continuing forward. Despite how disappointed I am, and knew I would be, with the lack of conviction from the Senate, I feel a sense of closure. the Idiot chose not to speak, not to crow about his “victory.” And I’m glad for that.

And I found a new podcast from another podcast I listen to a lot, On The Media (which you should listen to, I think it’s one of the most important shows NPR does), called “You’re Wrong About.” It has two hosts, Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, and they do a deep dive into figures from the recent past and why you’re wrong about them. We listened to the most of the first episode on Tipper Gore on the way home. It was interesting. They do series on Nancy Grace, Anna Nicole Smith, and Princess Di. In their interview on On The Media, they said the goal of their show wasn’t to take people who’d been ripped apart by the media and turn them into saints, but to make them more human.

Here’s a link to On The Media: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id73330715?mt=2&at=11l79Y&ct=nprdirectory

And You’re Wrong About: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/youre-wrong-about/id1380008439

Get after it folks. Don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel. Don’t threaten the Hamburglar while you’re at it. No Ben Garrison, keep the Hog Poggling to a dull roar, and celery is awesome. I will not be taking comments on this last point.