Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Black Lightning’s Back

Well, folks, there was no new Batwoman this week, thanks to some annual custom called a … “Superbowl”? Am I spelling that right?

However, we’re not without Arrowverse content, as this week saw the premiere of the fourth and final season of Black Lightning!

Now, I stopped watching Black Lightning a few episodes into Season 2. I considered getting caught up prior to the fourth season airing; the episodes are all on Netflix, and there’s been plenty of time over the extra-long hiatus. But I thought it might be fun to watch this season old school, the way we did before streaming services and video downloads, when you just had to catch whatever episode was airing and figure out what’s happening as you went along.

That didn’t prove to be too difficult here, as this ep has a ton of “As You Know…” dialogue. I gather that a year’s gone by since the Season 3 finale; presumably that time jump’s why no one’s bothering with Covid precautions anymore. Given that Black Lightning’s origin involves vaccination actually being the tool of an evil government conspiracy, maybe it’s best this is one social issue they don’t tackle.

There were some moments that confused me. Like, during the opening scene at the cemetery, I did have an inkling that Jefferson’s dad was all in his head, but I couldn’t dismiss the possibility that he got resurrected at some point in the last two seasons.

I was also unaware that Jefferson could erase people’s memories by zapping their brains. So when he went over to those two unconscious cops and gave each an electric jolt to the skull? I thought he was delivering a coup de grâce, which is way darker than what they were going for.

That misconception made Jefferson shutting down his family’s desire to kill Tobias Whale seem all kinds of hypocritical. Especially since I still remember how most Season 1 episodes opened with, “The purpose of Black Lightning was to kill Tobias!”

Speaking of remembering stuff from Season 1, I had to look it up to be sure, but, yeah, that woman in the coma is the same gal Anissa had a thing with for a couple episodes early in Season 1, before the show just forgot about her. I guess she came back, though. And … she’s a shapeshifter? Did I hear that right?

Oh, and judging by the “Previously on …” segment, Wayne Brady is on this show, playing what sounds like a Goa’uld. And it looks like Jennifer can fly … until she can’t. So that’s neat.

Question of the Week: Do you like it when these shows skip ahead several months to match the length of time they’ve spent on hiatus, or do you prefer it when a new season picks up right where last season left off?