The French Exit Day Thread

When I signed up for this thread I was going to talk about the film French Exit, which you would have been able to watch from your very own home. Since I signed up for this thread, Michelle Pfeiffer has been nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes for her performance, but the film has been delayed, and will now be in most theaters around 4/2 and on VOD even after. It’s very funny, poignant, and has some great performances mixed in with surreal story beats (and great cat acting). It’s also based on a wonderful book, which you can read right now. The book is even faster and funnier than the movie, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Check it out!

Because you cannot yet check the movie out, I am going to briefly plug a brief series of posts I will be writing for this site. Every Monday and Friday, starting next Monday, I will be writing about the singing cowboy musical sci-fi serial The Phantom Empire! I watched a condensed, and incomprehensible, film version of the serial with some Avocado friends, and since I’m a fan of weird old serials, I am watching and writing about all twelve episodes. I hope to see you there!