Comic Book Club: Marvel Comics – The Untold Story (Post Mortem)

Welcome to our Post Mortem conversation about Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. Thank you to everyone who has followed along and participated in the discussion during these past 5 weeks. Before we vote on our next Comic Book Club selection, we will use this week to reflect on our final thoughts on the book.

Here are some prompts to get us started:

  • If this was your first time reading the book, what are your takeaways about the history of Marvel Comics?
  • If this was a re-read, what unexpected discoveries did you find this time? What has changed since you last read it?
  • What comics has this book inspired you to read next?
  • The novel ends around the Disney purchase in 2009. In the time since then, what else would you have included if the timeline extended further?

Next week we will be nominating books for the next Comic Book Club. There are many ways we can take this. We could do another text that is similar to Sean Howe’s book. We could also choose a Marvel selection that is inspired by these discussions. Or we could do something completely different. Take the week to think about it and we’ll be back to discuss next Friday.