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Create your ideal self…with D&D stats!

I am sure someone has done a thread like this before, but if so it’s been a bit.

So, the game is to create your ideal self via D&D stats. I’ll break this into steps!

  1. Select your base stats. So that we’re all working with the same numbers, assume you have rolled the following: 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 (yeah, good roll). You must assign one number to each of the following stats: Strength (physical power), Dexterity (agility), Constitution (endurance and health), Intelligence (reasoning and memory), Wisdom (perception and insight), and Charisma (force of personality).
  2. Select four base languages to be fluent in. Languages may me real or fictional.
  3. Select two feats from the list found here:

That’s it! Share what you put together here, and if you want, talk about why you chose what you chose!