Comic Book Chat – Most Anticipated Comics of 2021

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Today’s Discussion – Most Anticipated Comics of 2021

We turned the calendar to 2021 a few weeks ago. We looked back at a tumultuous 2020. Today, we look ahead to the new comics being released this year.

So far, we have had a glimpse of the future state of the DC Universe. Marvel took us on a trip to the Jedi’s past with Star Wars High Republic. W. Maxwell Prince showed us the dark side of being a clown in HAHA. This was only January for crying out loud!

Later in the year, the next X-Men crossover will be Reign of X, Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel will release Nocterra from Image Comics , and the Xenomorphs and Predators will invade the Marvel Universe.

What comic books and graphic novels will you be keeping an eye out for in the New Year?

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