Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2005-2008: Group 19

(Full, current standings can always be found here)

Group 17 Results:


68.00% Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tetris: Type B
64.00% Super Mario Galaxy Space Junk Galaxy
60.00% We Love Katamari Everlasting Love
56.00% Rhythm Tengoku Air Batter
56.00% Persona 3 Memories of the School
56.00% Trails in the Sky SC Feeling Danger Nearby
56.00% Final Fantasy XII Giza Plains
56.00% Persona 4 Your Affection
52.00% The World Ends With You Twister
48.00% Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Celestial Troupe
44.00% Trails in the Sky the 3rd The Mood of the Goddess Depends on Luck
44.00% Ys Origin Water Prison
40.00% La-Mulana LA MULANA
40.00% Patapon Theme of Rinririn
32.00% World of Goo World of Goo Ending
28.00% Puyo Puyo Fever 2 Endless Fever Two!
28.00% Omega Five The Glacial Fortress [STAGE 1]
28.00% Makai Kingdom MAKAI Fusion
28.00% Psychonauts Happy Flowers
24.00% Suikoden V Wind of Phantom
24.00% Super Paper Mario Nostalgic Underground
24.00% Eternal Sonata The Boundary Between Snow and Ice
20.00% Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII The World’s Enemy
12.00% Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rally the Spirit

Holy shit this was a stacked group. 14 out of 24 songs hit or cleared 40%! This group has it all; Nintendo tentpoles, both Falcom series, Final Fantasy, Katamari, Persona, weird rhythm games, the works. I feel bad for other groups, though our pair of 40% songs probably don’t feel too bad.


Newly Eliminated 1


14.81% Lost Odyssey Eclipse of Time (Vocal Version)
14.81% Sengoku Basara 2 Solitary Struggle
14.81% Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rising Morale
14.29% Final Fantasy XII Challenging the Empire
14.29% Mega Man ZX Bullet Drive (Legion HQ – Siarnaq’s Stage)
13.64% Ikaruga Cirrus (Prologue)
13.64% Assassin’s Creed City Alert
13.04% Ys Origin So Much for Today
12.50% Super Smash Bros. Brawl Porky’s Theme
12.00% Xanadu Next Two Love
12.00% Tomb Raider: Legend Nepal 2
12.00% The World Ends With You Junk Garage
12.00% Super Robot Wars α3: To the End of the Galaxy Holy Lonely Light (Macross 7)
12.00% Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rally the Spirit
11.54% Blue Dragon A Village of Murals
11.54% Phantom Dust Plastic People (Vision Headquarters)
11.54% Trails in the Sky the 3rd Uninvited Guests
11.11% Fate/hollow ataraxia Ataraxia (Rhu)
10.71% Fire Emblem Path of Radiance The Enemy Draws Near
9.09% God of War Gates of Athens
9.09% Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Daedra in Flight
8.33% Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Burning Ambition
7.69% Cabela’s African Safari Main Theme
7.69% Assassin’s Creed Damascus Fight or Flight – Yellow Belly

Current Bubble: 14.81%
Projected Final Bubble: 42.86%

Although we’re technically only now eliminating songs, most of the songs we’ll see here over the next few weeks were already dead. The projected final bubble gives us some important context, though. Right now we’re trending quite a bit higher than the 40% benchmark. For that to come down we’ll need fewer groups like this one.


It’s time for group play! We have 1,358 songs this time; we’re trying out 24-song groups this time, so we have 56 groups of 24, plus a 57th of 14. For the group stage, vote for as many songs as you like! Songs will be ranked based on how many upvotes they got compared to how many people voted in that round. 2 After all groups are done, the top 384 songs from across all groups will advance to the playoffs.

…unless! After group play, but before the playoffs proper, there will be a wild card runoff! If an individual game places more than 10 songs into the top 384, songs 11+ per game will face off against songs 385+3 in a play-in round.

We’ll be “feathering” groups; voting on group 19 will be active until Friday February 5th at 10:00PM Pacific. Group 18 will be active until 10:00PM tonight; vote here. Group 20 will start Friday and be active until Sunday, and so on. Please listen to every song! Don’t just vote name recognition.

You can listen to all songs in group 19 in this handy YouTube playlist! (Don’t worry, songs will also be linked in the comments, where voting will take place)

You can work ahead if you like:

Or listen to every song here.

Again, voting for group 19 is open until Friday February 5th at 10:00PM Pacific