Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jan. 29

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Bo, a museum and cultural professional, whose podcasting story got a coveted “good for you!” from Ken;
  • Kristen, a high school Spanish teacher, watched whales in a cold climate; and
  • Zach, an attorney, encourages voter registration. Zach is a five-day champ with winnings of $110,870.

Zach scored on the first two DDs and his opponents never got on a serious roll, so Zach took a runaway into FJ with $17,000 vs. $7,000 for Kristen and $4,400 for Bo.

DD1 – $800 – LINCOLN BLOGS – June 16, 1858: I’m gonna use “A house divided against itself cannot stand” as I begin taking him on for Senate! He’s got no chance (Zach won the table limit of $1,000.)

DD2 – $2,000 – AROUND THE CARIBBEAN – 2 capital cities are located on this Caribbean island: Marigot, which is French, & Philipsburg, which is Dutch (Zach won $3,000 from his score of $6,800 vs. $1,400 for Bo.)

DD3 – $2,000 – BIG STAR – The name of the bright red star in the constellation Scorpius denotes it as a rival of the Greek god of war (Late in the round, Bo lost $2,600 from his total of $5,800 vs. $15,000 for Zach.)

FJ – BRITISH ARMY HISTORY – The army’s longest continuous campaign, 1969-2007, began in this Northern Ireland city known by either of 2 different names

Everyone had the same incorrect response on FJ. Zach dropped $2,999 for a win worth $14,001 for a six-day total of $124,871.

Wagering strategy: On DD3, Bo wagered enough to get within one-half of Zach’s score if correct, but could have fallen back below that threshold by the end of the round. Given that he would almost surely be elminated if he missed the DD, he might as well have just gone all-in to ensure he’d be alive in FJ if correct.

That’s before our time: No one knew the 80s word used in a Tom Petty song that almost rhymes with “lucky” and describes a kind of successful person, “yuppie”.

Fun with category titles: The writers paid tribute to a legendary Alex Chilton band with back-to-back categories BIG STAR and NO. 1 RECORD, which are the group’s name and the title of their first album.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who was Douglass? DD2 – What is St. Martin? DD3 – What is Antares? FJ – What is Londonderry/Derry? (The players all responded with Belfast.)