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The Wednesday Politics Thread Goes Rogue

Sometimes you have to buck the trend — in a good way!

Faced with rising cases of COVID, North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County decided to stop waiting for state governor Roy Cooper to issue more stringent warnings and announced their own directive, imploring anything that could go fully virtual to do so. So Cordy is back to full work from home, at least for the next few weeks.

Also in going rogue, more and more Republicans are joining or at least open to impeachment efforts for Trump. Even McConnell is reportedly backing the effort. To be clear, that does not redeem them from literally everything else they’ve done the past several years, but if it gets him out, I’ll certainly take it.

Rogue Squadron is also the next Star Wars movie, coming in 2023 and helmed by Patty Jenkins. So that’s another good rogue.

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