Sports Corner Remembers Tommy Lasorda

Kind of getting to be a routine for me to eulogize athletes who pass away. It isn’t like it doesn’t happen all the time even without a pandemic, but it also does feel like more than usual are dying. Illusion or not, today we note the passing of Dodgers manager and LA legend Tommy Lasorda. Tommy’s career as a Dodgers manager includes two world championships, but beyond that he was a celebrity, a pitchman for Slim Fast, a regular on a kiddie show promoting baseball, and even a face in the background in the movie Fletch. Where the titular hero punches out a photo of Tommy and a corrupt police chief played by Joe Don Baker. (Apparently Fletch hated Tommy even though he was from LA. We never learn why.) It was that mention that was why my wife knew who Tommy Lasorda was. In this age where only a few baseball players ever manage to be celebrities and managers are interchangeable, we probably won’t see anyone achieve the fame Tommy did. RIP.

Elsewhere, every sport continues to struggle with COVID, the NHL starts tonight, the Bills and Browns are still playing, and most of the major MLB free agents are still without jobs a month before training camp. But at least we can rely on Kyrie Irving to be Kyrie Irving. And on Steph Curry to be Steph Curry.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.