The Soundtrack Of The Avocado

As part of our effort to help folks have a wide range of things to talk about since the pandemic began, we’ve been running 30 Day Challenges since last spring. We run these in the hopes of drawing folks from all the different parts to something that we often share and have in common. This month, our focus is on music and this allows us to do something a little extra. Multiple days of this month will have song pulls where people post the video of their choices. We’re pulling these into playlists to help define the Soundtrack of The Avocado as chosen by its members.

Please feel free to hit up prior days and I will do my best at the end of the challenge to go back and add in more. You can see all our challenges here.

Day 1: Our Favorite Songs Overall

Day 2: The Best Summertime Song

Day 4: The Best 1950s Song

Day 5: The Best 1960s Song

Day 6: The Best 1970s Song

Day 11: The Best 1980s Song

Day 12: The Best 1990s Song

Day 16: The Best 2000s Song

We’ll be adding more playlists throughout the month to this!

(mods, feel free to unpin this as necessary; we can always repin during quieter times as more playlists are added)