The Wrestling Thread is blasting into the new year, mister Tony

Here’s this week’s happenings.

-Omega’s IMPACT heavies Doc & Gallows show up on the show, Young Bucks turn heel and join Omega’s gang that is totally not some kind of a club

-Carbi B gets angry about in charachter Lacey Evans stuff, deletes it seconds later

-Wrestle Kingdom happend it was good but also kinda felt well like it had little built and we got some matches that felt very thrown together through it. Still (beside the tags and rumble/4 way because ofcourse) no bad match on the card and Ibushi still doesn’t care for his neck.
-Impact’s Genesis coming this saturday with Hard To Kill following next week. Genesis mostly themed about the returning Super X Cup, a Moose vs Mack I quit match and Jordynne Grace vs. Jazz(!)
-Marty Scrull parted ways with ROH

The discussion question for the week is: What are your expectations for wrestling in 2021?

As usually this thread is open for all wrestling (related) discussion so get to it!