30 Day Music Challenge Day 8: The Best Album Artwork

One of the things I remember fondly from my younger days with my friends who were heavily into music were their complaints about the first generation or so of CD releases. There were certainly technical hurdles and companies that cut corners to get product onto the format, and those warranted serious complaint and criticism. But the other big complaint, just as important in the eyes of many a music aficionado, was that the transition from big album covers to small CD covers (even after cassettes had been a thing forever) was the worst travesty ever.

And I could agree with that, to a degree, because I love some of those big foldout album sets and all that came with it. But, cover artwork has survived and there are some creative things done across all formats. What’s your favorite album covers that really made it work for you?

Bonus question: What’s the worst one you’ve seen?