Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (1/5)

Happy New Year!

The year is 2021. Uh… what to expect? Well, ideally all the films that were pushed back from 2020 are coming out this year. I am writing this in the later part of 2020, and thus the future is still uncertain. Do theaters still exist? Are all movies now going straight to streaming? Are cinematic universes still a thing anymore? Or are smaller, lower budget films the new hotness?

Will Godzilla vs. Kong increasingly feel like a prehistoric artifact of an earlier era of filmmaking?

Will Dune debuting both on streaming and in theaters be how things are done from now on?

Or are you just looking for a laugh and are anticipating a fine time when you watch Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar?

2021 will be a mix of films that were pushed a year back due to quarantine and films originally slated for 2021. The new James Bond and Ghostbuster films, The Eternals, and the new Fast & Furious film will hit theaters the same year as The Matrix 4, the next Mission: Impossible film, and the new Spider-Man film.

Which brings us to today’s prompt: what film being released in 2021 are you most excited for?

Next week: comedy-dramas.