Adam Gase Has Finally Been Fired (1/5 Day Thread)

If you’ve been reading my comments over the past two years, you’ve noticed a common refrain: “Adam Gase still needs to be fired.” I think I started saying it halfway through his first season with the Jets. For those who are lucky enough to not follow the Jets, Adam Gase was hired to be their head coach two years ago. I thought he was a terrible hire at the time (I’m pretty sure there are comments somewhere backing this up), and he did absolutely nothing to prove me wrong, piling up a 9-23 record (which, considering a couple of those wins were against teams missing a bunch of their starters, is probably even worse than it looks).

I was relieved to learn that Sunday evening, the Jets finally fired Adam Gase.

I admit, I signed up to do this Day Thread about two weeks ago, because I was really, really, really hoping to do a thread with the good news. But this being the Jets, they’ve made some really boneheaded decisions in the past, and I was worried that they might decide to keep Gase around. I believe I made a comment about burning this thing to the ground if Gase was still employed by the Jets at 11:00 AM ET on January 5. Luckily, I won’t have to carry through with that threat, because Adam Gase has finally been fired.

And yes, he really does have crazy eyes.

Anyway, wash your hands, stay the hell home if you can, wear a mask if you have to go out, post cat pictures, and be excellent to each other.