30 Day Music Challenge Day 1: Your Favorite Song

Going into the 30 day music challenge, we’re definitely going to encourage folks to share video links to various songs when they come up. One of the big goals is to try and expand things for all of us and sample new things.

We also know that the word “Favorite” can mean oh so many things depending on time, mood, and subject. But that’s what we’re getting at, what it really means to you and why. We’re kicking off the challenge just by going with asking what your favorite song is and, if you can, to share why!

For me, there are a lot of top songs that fight for the position but I invariably keep coming back to “Enjoy the Silence” from Depeche Mode. The lyrics and the sound of it was captivating enough when I first heard it and the video is one that was just off enough but not weird that it kept me looking for it back in the 80s when MTV and VH1 rotated videos regularly on their networks. I’ve got a lot of love for a lot of songs from this group, but this song and this album is the one that really stands tall for me.