30 Day Challenge: Best Challenge Of 2020

As we wrapped up the Video Game challenge yesterday, we typically follow that up with an epilogue day of it’s a 31-day month. These tend to be a fun chance to reflect on the month that was and talk about what’s coming.

For the final one of 2020, we wanted to take this opportunity to ask you which of the challenges was your favorite this year? We started these in May as a way to drive some different distractions and conversations during some of the initally worst periods of the pandemic when so many of us were still at home in lockdown mode, especially in my area on the East Coast. But as we end the year with so much still going on even as hope is on the horizon, we’re intending to continue this on.

So first, we’d love to hear which of these challenges you enjoyed the most!

  • May – 30 Day Comic Book 
  • June – 30 Day Disney Challenge 
  • July – 30 Day Film Challenge 
  • August – 30 Day Anime Challenge 
  • September – 30 Day Book Challenge 
  • October – 30 Day Horror Challenge 
  • November – 30 Day TV Challenge 
  • December – 30 Day Video Game Challenge

We’ve got our first challenge in January already loaded and lined up with the 30 day music challenge. Because we write them a month ahead of time, I was doing this during December and will admit to some visual shortcuts along the way, but partially to drive the music side of it. We’re also planning on doing a 30 day general animation challenge in February.

After that, it’s wide open so we’re looking for ideas! Sound off below with those as well!