The Pits

The Pits – 2020 Best in Comic Books, Comic Strips, and Web Comics Results

Good afternoon and welcome to the results thread for the Kirby Award for Best Comic Book and the Mary Worth Award for Best Comic Strip or Webcomic.

First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to vote this year. I love comic books and we have a faithful group that chats about them on a weekly basis and you guys post some of the best/worst comic strips over at the Comic Strip Club. We like to have fun and be light and cheery in a world full of doom and gloom. Thanks for always making me laugh and bringing positivity to one and all.

The Kirby Award for Best Comic Book goes to Immortal Hulk! Hulk smashed the competition and is a repeat winner!

The Top Five Comic Books This Year –

1)Immortal Hulk 2) Hellions 3)Marauders 4) Amazing Spider-Man 5)Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen

The Mary Worth Award goes to Wallace the Brave!

The Top Five Comic Strips This Year –

1) Wallace the Brave 2) Sally Forth 3) Nancy 4) Scary Gary 5) NuTrail

Feel free to discuss the results in the comments section below.