30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 24: Best Christmas Gaming Memory

Wax nostalgic, my friends, for Christmas is upon us tomorrow.

Today, we’ll try something a little different and present the challenge with talking about, to your comfort level, your best Christmas gaming memory. Was it getting a particular game or console after asking for so long? The look on your kids’ face when you got them what they wanted in the same way? Laying the smackdown on grandpa with the latest game that he said he’d try and play with you?

For me, I can still remember when I was surprised with the Atari 2600 system and my father showed me how to set it up together – we always had a strained relationship when it came to stuff like this – and then just spending hours playing space invaders that Christmas Day. He only ever played that game and that console with me until I beat him at it and then nothing else gaming ever again, sadly. But I can still visualize those key moments.

Bonus Question: Go ahead, give us your best Christmas meltdown over not getting what you wanted 😀