Comic Book Chat – Wonder Woman in the 80s

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Today’s Discussion – Wonder Woman in the 1980s

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on HBO Max and in theaters tomorrow. I will have a Spoiler Space posting tomorrow to discuss your thoughts on the movie.

Today we will be discussing George Perez‘s run on Wonder Woman. Mr. Perez’s run is highly regarded among comic book readers. I recently purchased Wonder Woman: War of the Gods and I hope to sit down and read it in the near future.

If you haven’t read Perez’s run, the optional topic is your favorite Wonder Woman run or favorite storyline featuring the Amazing Amazon. Feel free to post subthread topics in the comments section.

For me, her recent inclusion into Justice League Dark was something different and I believe it injected some fresh ideas into the title. She is a part of DC’s Trinity but i feel she doesnt get as much love as Batman and Superman.

Let’s salute Princess Diana and show her what she means to us today.

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