WW 139 – Office Christmas Party – Day 2

The party has gone on for four days and nights. You’re locked in and nobody’s phones seem to be getting reception. The buzzwords are moving in slow motion. Synergy. Leadigers. SMEs.

Ellis is urinating in an abandoned cube when he is approached by a pack of four.

“LupiCorp is starting a new initiative called Fit For Growth. And we’ll start by trimming the fat.”

They strangle him with an extension cord and he falls to the ground, along with his glasses.

Ellis (Cop) is dead. He was a Worker Drone (Townie).

Somewhere you hear a small explosion, as if a million sparkles were blasted into the air at once.

You all reconvene in the conference room for trust falls. Can you even stand up? A song is blaring from somewhere, and you have no idea how.


14 Employees – devoted worker drones. No powers but their votes and their items. Win when the scum factions are all dead.

4 Managers – wolves, who have a collective night kill, as well as any item powers they may have gotten. Win when they equal or surpass the number of remaining players and the Intern is also dead.

1 Disgruntled Intern – Serial Killer. Kills one person a night. Wins when it comes down to them and one other person.


  1. Sister Jude

2. Lindsay

3. April

4. Indeed

5. Side Character

6. Goat

7. Hicks

8. Jake

9. Raven

10. May

11. dw Worker Drone

12. hohodor

13. Ralph

14. malthusc

15. Marlowe

16. Emm

17. Cop Worker Drone

18. Sheleeta

19. Louie

20. Dicentra

21. Tiff

Backup: Narrowstrife


Office Catalog – discover the allegiance and item power of one player per night

Groucho Glasses – take an extra vote in the day thread (it appears under the name “Groucho”)


Twilight will be at noon CST on Sunday, December 20th.