The Covid 19 Signage Archive

The Covid-19 Signage Archive Project Night Thread (December 18, 2020)

“The COVID-19 Signage Archive aims to preserve and invite exploration of the worldwide, physical, pandemic-related messaging that has come into existence beginning in early 2020. The project seeks to archive these ephemera, and to help document the linguistic landscapes of shared concepts such as social/​physical distancing, mask-wearing, and hand washing – while simultaneously serving as an accessible dataset/​corpus available for linguistic and sociological analysis. It launched in early December 2020.

The project and site was envisioned and built by eli fessler, a.k.a. @frozenpandaman on Twitter.”

Please check out the Archive’s website here and add some signage from where you live if you are able! I think this is a really fantastic idea which could turn out to be a wonderful record of this era in our lives.

Have a visually wonderful night, everyone!