The Weekend PT Splits Its Time Between Italy and the UK, Which You Cannot Do Anymore (thanks, Obama)

First, foremost, and not indicated by the title at all, a moment of reaction to Macron getting Corona, because it’s 2020 and life is a nightmare. Is Macron all that good of a leader? Debatable, and I’ve certainly gotten mad at him lately personally for the way he’s handled the rising xenophobia. If I was breaking site rules and wishing Corona on someone would I pick him? No, not really.

Relatedly to someone having Corona (also the mini-me is out of quarantine and fine now, for those of you following along on that story line) Italy has announced increased restrictions for Christmas and New Year’s in an attempt to prevent a spike of cases. Bars and restaurants are closed (must be nice, she said in central illinoisan) curfew remains in effect, and home visits are limited to two people over the age of 14. Until the 28th, restrictions on travel to essentials only are also in place. The coalition government reached this compromise, between shutting down everything completely and not to help businesses and make sure families could meet for christmas, and I’m over here crying in liberal coastal elite because a government could accurately use the word compromise.

Speaking of compromise, the BBC reported that the next 48 hours were CRITICAL for EU talks so I clicked over assuming they were going to be discussing invasions or something, but no, their lede was about fisheries. Now, I know that as climate change makes sea level quite higher and more work is done to combat it through better sustainable farming practices we will all need to eat more fish, so I agree that it’s important, but the actual headline of TRADE AGREEMENTS END IN TWO WEEKS should maybe be prioritized more than that? Idk, I’m not a BBC journalist, just spitballing here. If no agreement is reached by January 1st (and it does not seem like one is coming) the current deals in place cease to exist and both sides will be relying on the WTO (World Trade Organization’s) guidance. This will mean ch-ch-ch-changes in pricing as well as what can be imported and exported.

Also, did you know, that the rivers of all of England are just like, filled with eels. This matters, absolutely none, but I did not know this, and for some reason it’s just really… not like electric eels, just regular? harmless? eels but EELS. No, thank you.

While fishing is not the only issue holding up EU talks (that would be, literally everything) it’s a good look at both how intricate and all-encompassing this process has been and needs to be, and also pretty symbolic as an example at what the fight really is. Britain is pushing for soverignity (no….that can’t be spelled right) of its waters while the EU is pointing out how much other EU states rely on fishing for their income, already being impacted by current events BEFORE they get cut off from some waters they use now. This means that fishing will quickly become a problem post-Brexit and highlight the absolute chaotic mess of it all. This would be noticed much sooner than other areas of disagreement and quickly come to summarize the whole Brexit trade deal as a whole, so politicians and negotiators want to get this right.

As someone who is sympathetic to remaining, that ship has probably sailed. As an American, I don’t have room to talk anyway.