30 Day TV Challenge Day 17: Your Favorite Musical Moment

Growing up as an uncultured suburban youth, I had no interest in musicals for the most part. None had made an impact on me from the few that I had seen and they all felt like this that not even my parents watched but were from a stuffier generation before that whereas I was all about the whizzbang of special effects. Then cut to the 90s (because we’re going to ignore Cop Rock) and we started to see your regular shows of all sorts begin to come up with creative ways to do musicals with them. And that culminated in shows focused on them entirely eventually, from Glee to the more current Zoey’s Extraordianry Playlist.

So what we want to know today is what your favorite show or musical moment is. And we mean in terms of doing musical performances like the shows above, not instrumental stuff (but talk about great scored shows too!).

For me, I’ll always go back to the one that really got my on the right path to them. I had started to get into a few musicals in the 90s thanks to a romantic partner who introduced me to Chess as a way to break the barrier. So when Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended up doing a musical years later, the groundwork was laid and I was in love. I bought that CD, I sang all the lyrics, I was in love.

Bonus Question: Which show just couldn’t pull this off?