AVoCADo GamesCast #70: Diapers Recommended

Happy Halloween! It’s time for the GamesCast’s annual spooky episode. This one’s about our most horrifying software and hardware failures. Join me, Lovely Bones, dw, Ben, and Science is Bad in gaming hell! (The Kappa was already there, having had to edit this monstrosity.)

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1:15 – Introduction
5:25 – What We’ve Been Playing
53:35 – Scary Gaming Stories
1:11:10 – Military Shooters
1:15:00 – Graphics Card Troubles
1:18:20 – Cursed Final Fantasy and Cutscene Jank
1:23:55 – Batman, Superhero Games, and Continuing Narrative
1:52:35 – Leaks and Rumours
1:58:40 – Deleting Data and Modding
2:05:25 – I Guess We’re Talking About Kingdom Hearts Again
2:08:35 – Nintendo Gimmicks and Star Fox
2:11:30 – Broken Consoles
2:16:50 – Popular Things, Bro Games, and Remedy Games
2:26:00 – Next Gen Upgrades
2:31:25 – Conclusion

Spoiler warnings: the Devil May Cry series; Halo 2; Darksiders III; John Wick; Final Fantasy VII; Star Fox 64; Control.

Content warnings: discussions of blood, gore, and severe injuries; slur usage.