30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 23: Your Favorite Furry Monster

With the larger focus of horror monsters in many mediums still being all about the vampire or the recent push of the past decade+ with the zombies, the werewolves continue to find love in some places, but never quite as much. These creatures have been in myth for hundreds and hundreds of years and stories told can definitely tell some interesting things about the human mindset and condition with regards to the beast within. Today, we want to know what your favorite werewolf is from across all media as there are so many and they tend to populate print and artwork more since they’re more affordable to do that way.

For myself, I’ll admit to never being a huge werewolf fan as An American Werewolf in London freaked me out as a young kid with its transformation sequence. But I was among the many that fell for Teen Wolf back in 1985 as Michael J. Fox continued to prove to be a huge box office draw. This film was made for just $1.2 million and did a whopping $80 million in business.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite werewolf transformation?