Shoeless Trivia: The 1950s

They weren’t all happy days.

  1. Who was the losing candidate in the United States presidential election of 1952? Four years later he also lost the rematch.
  2. Of the two films with four-letter names to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, which one was released during the 1950s?
  3. What phrase has been redacted multiple times (with slight variations in spelling) from the image below?strivia207_1
  4. As if the motile, carnivorous plants weren’t bad enough, a meteor shower causes a large portion of the world’s population to lose their sight in what 1951 dystopian novel by John Wyndam?
  5. The death of what monarch, her father, led to the coronation in 1953 of Elizabeth II as Queen of the United Kingdom. Regnal name and number, please.

  1. Adlai Stevenson
  2. Gigi
  3. The Hollywood Ten / The Hollywood 10
  4. The Day of the Triffids
  5. George VI