AVoCADo GamesCast #69: Friend Juice

Hey folks! This episode is a sequel episode to our first episode about crossovers. In this episode, we dream up ridiculous video game crossovers and speculate about what they’d look like. We also discuss Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax.

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We had an audio issue during recording, which resulted in recording at a lower quality than normal. We apologize for the final audio quality.

This episode contains spoilers for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Max Payne 3, and John Wick.

0:20 – Introduction
1:55 – What We’ve Been Playing
36:30 – Microsoft’s Acquisition of ZeniMax and Its Implications
56:25 – The Crossover Game: Introduction
57:20 – The Crossover Game: RollerCoaster Tycoon and Persona
1:02:30 – The Crossover Game: Halo and Journey
1:07:00 – The Crossover Game: Forza Horizon and Super Mario Odyssey
1:11:40 – The Crossover Game: X-COM and Animal Crossing
1:14:45 – The Crossover Game: Mass Effect and Danganronpa
1:18:15 – The Crossover Game: Turok and Sly Cooper
1:22:50 – The Crossover Game: Star Fox and Batman: Arkham
1:26:40 – The Crossover Game: Portal and Tropico
1:31:30 – The Crossover Game: Max Payne and Jet Set Radio
1:37:35 – The Crossover Game: The Elder Scrolls and Yakuza
1:40:40 – The Crossover Game: Metroid and Arkanoid
1:45:05 – Conclusion