The Tuesday PT Thinks We May All Like Something Else To Think About.

Have you ever heard about somebody and you just positively knew they were mindbogglingly awesome! I felt that way when I first heard about Alice Augusta Ball. (badass name right? badass person.)

And it is also a story of The United States of America.

There are parts of this story that I simply cannot speak to as the person I am, far removed from the life Alice Ball and her family lived. I just want to tell the story of how awesome she was.

You see, part of the triumph of Dr. Ball’s work is she was considered an African-American, and the only other thing I have to tell you about that is she was born in 1892 apparently in Seattle. I have no position to speak on mixed identity but if anybody wants to go digging I think you might find the exploration fascinating.

Okay I’ve been holding out on you 🙂 This is the best fucking photo. Guess who’s not fucking around?

It’s her

Yeah, Alice Ball was the bomb. She was born into good circumstance however, and we all profited. Her folks were well off and she had excellent patronage (that being [much like an onion] the style of the time). Wiki well tell you: She was the first woman and first African American to receive a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii, and was also the university’s first female and African American chemistry professor.”

More than that she is known for her work on leprosy and I want to tell you already SHE WAS FUCKING 23 OR 24 YEARS OLD!!! HOLY SHIT RIGHT??? I’m not going to sully our thinking of Alice Ball’s work by talking about how supposedly some shitbirds stole her work and tried to profit off of it and I just want to…<ahem>

So. Before Hawaii was even a state it gave the United States the stature of curing leprosy (mostly) through this incredible person.

Anyway, I wanted to give us all something to focus on other than the ‘zany’ in front of our faces. There are many rivers to cross. Let’s take the time to remember those who let us get here.

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you get em