Best Treehouse of Horror Segment – Tournament: Final Round

Well, here it is folks, the final round of our Treehouse of Horror tournament. In a shocking twist, our final contestants are “Time Without Punishment” and “The Shinning.”

Wait, did I say shocking twist? I meant the opposite of that. From the moment the tournament seeding was first revealed, I think most of us knew it’d come down to these two in the end. “Clown Without Pity” and “Bart Simpson’s Dracula” did their best in the semi-finals, but couldn’t stand up to these two juggernauts of Simpsons horror, and so were given an honorable, dignified end.

So now it’s time, with all the chaff removed, to decide once and for all which is the greatest Treehouse of … it’s gonna be “Time and Punishment” isn’t it? I mean, was anyone betting money otherwise?