Supernatural Live Chat – s15e15 – Gimme Shelter

     And then there were six. Yup, just six episodes left. Five after we watch this one. Then four, then three thentwothenone…(deep breathing) okay, okay, promised myself I wouldn’t panic yet, deep breaths.

    So, here we are, watching Gimme Shelter. It’s the 15th episode of the 15th season, airing on the 15th day of October. I wonder if they planned that on purpose when deciding when to air these last few episodes? Whether they did or didn’t, the 15’s have aligned, so this should be a really good or really bad episode, depending on if 15 is a good or bad number. I don’t know, I’m a commenter, not a numerologist, Jim! What I do know is that when looking for the header picture to use, I picked the one I did because it most represented the “TV Guide blurb” (if you don’t know what that is, get off of my lawn!) for tonight’s episode the best. But I also came across this pic:

Dean and Amara

So good or bad, I expect this episode to be interesting in concept if not execution. How does it all turn out? We’ll just have to see as we begin our live chat for Supernatural! Quick, to the comments-cave!